• Ragi Flour

    Ragi is been procured from the hills of Western Ghats and nearby landscapes..Read More

  • Rice Flour

    Rice flour is made from white rice, i.e., the husk of Rice Rice or Paddy. Read More

  • Whole Wheat Atta

    Wheat of premium quality is been treated with at most care from the point. Read More

  • Gram flour

    Bengal gram dhal is been grounded into fine flour, where many variety of sweets. Read More

  • Bajji Bonda Mix

    Kavin Bajji Bonda Mix is been blended by a special formulation using Bengal. Read More

  • Rava (SOOJI)

    Sooji is been Roasted and presented to you in fresh pack, which contains Protein. Read More

  • Samba wheat brokens

    Samba wheat is been procured from the Northern States of India, Where every Samba Read More

  • Vermicelli

    Recipe for Vermicelli Kitchdi.

    Read More

  • Maida flour

    Maida flour is been produced from highly refined wheat flour, extracted. Read More

  • Appalam

    Taste the delicious Traditional Kavin Appalam. Read More